The Presence of God:
We believe that in the Presence of God we experience life in its fullness. We will be a people that pursue the presence of God and see “on Earth as it is in Heaven” become real here and now by operating in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Because of this we see that His Presence goes with us where ever we go, and every day we can experience the fellowship of His presence.

The Character of God

God’s Character is expressed through His word and the person of Jesus. He is perfect in all of His ways, and loves us with a perfect love. The Scripture is our standard, and it must be interpreted through the lens of His perfect love for us.

Our Identity

We must understand that what Jesus did for us through His death and resurrection has changed everything for us. As believers, we have become the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. We allow the scripture to define the truth of our identity.


We are cultivating a culture in which we honor one another, and see each other as family. Life is best when we do it together. We are called to live our lives with one another authentically, sharing and caring for each other.

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Phone: 405.338.9192

723 Eastgate St.
Stillwater, OK. 74074